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Equipment for continuous degasing and cartridge filling SDM-75

SDM-75-SR 11400-000

• Baseplate and fixing profile
• 1 vacuum container with 75 cm3
• Electrical cylinder, piston with run
controll, sieve, level controll and
• Entry end exit valve with sensors
• Feedingpot filled by hand with motorized
• Controll box on stand
• Pneumatic equipment, valves and
treatment of air



SDC 125

Continuous degazing systems SDC 125

 SDC 125 continuous degazing systems are designed to eliminate air pockets or bubbles from grease or other high viscosity products, which have to be dispensed accurately.These systems are directly connected to transfer pumps and are supplying, according to the models, either dispensing heads or can also be applied for the container DOSOMAT 900 B and 904 B.