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VACUMAT 1300 – 1304

Degassing units : VACUMAT 1300 and 1304

To enable any precision dispensing machine for grease and other high-viscosity products to work accurately, the products in te reservoir must be properly degasses: in other words, all air pockets or bubbles must be eliminated. The VACUMAT 1300 and 1304 degassing units are designed specifically to degas the contents of DOSOMAT dispenser reservoirs. The degassing unit, which can be programmed for several successive degassing cycles. A vacuum pump, type RXR GA/H, 2.8 m3/h must be connected to the unit.

VACUMAT 1300 : for DOSOMAT 900B reservoirs (capacity 0,8 liter)

VACUMAT 1304 : for DOSOMAT 904B reservoirs (capacity 4 liters)

Vacumat 1300

Vacumat 1304