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Barrel pumps PFS

PFS 50 and PFS 180

Pneumatic barrel pumps for contents between 10 and 50 and 200 litres.

Different feeding pressure ratios: 1:5, 1:10, 1:20 or 1:60.

Delivered with pressure plate, pressure accumulator to maintain always a constant feeding pressure, and minimal level control.

The up and down motions as well as the pressure on the pressure plate are performed by 2 pneumatic cylinders.

Equipped with purging system, automatic shut down of the empty barrel, as well as barrel positioning.


PFS 180


Transfer pump : series PF


Air operated pump for transferring highly viscous products from supply containers. With adaptor plate and air treatment unit (pressure gauge, reducing valve, oiler/extractor). 150 or 300 micrometer filter, low-level detector. Piston ration 1:5, 1:10.

Options and accessories:

Pressure accumulator

Pressure reducer for dispensed product

Pressure switch for dispensed product

Differential pressure switch to detect filter clogging