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H7 : manual version

H7 : « Full volumetric » manual dispensers specially designed for extremely precise dispensing operations of low viscosity products (oil, warter, chemical products,…)

Controlled cycle motions.

Three possible versions:

  • D (start by proximity switch),
  • F (start bay footswitch),
  • M (start by integrated micro-switch).

The better performances will be obtained using degassed products.

Control box E880 can be used with H7.

H7 with dispensing pen


H7 with needle output


HA7 : automatic version

Group of different assembly devices enabling to build a complete volumetric low viscosity assembly station. This includes :

  • volumetric dispensers HA-7 with or without motion control
  • additional reservoir from 70cm3 to 20L with or without level control
  • anti-droping system
  • feeding and dispensing manifolds
  • needle fixing plates with integrated dispensing needles and nozzles tools
  • fixing accessories, slides, positioning devices,…
  • electronic and/or pneumatic control unit

We are also able to propose “turn-key” systems designed in accordance with your requirements.

HA7 on plate with feet with reservoir 230cm3 and level control