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« Full volumetric » dispenser specially designed for extremely precise dispensing operations of low and high viscosity products (oil, grease, silicones, certain glues, soldering pastes,…)

Can be feed by syringes, by reservoir DOSOMAT 900 /904, and even by barrel pumps.

Controlled motions. Modular.

Pneumatic version to dispense product drops, or motorized version (step by step or servo motor) for continuous dispensing operations.

Possibility to dispense at same time different products and in different volumes.

The better performances will be obtained using degassed products.

5 differents dots in 1 shot


G14-3-PN (with 3 modules)

G14-5-PN (with 5 modules)

G14-1-SER with needle plate and dispensing needle


G14-3-SER (with 3 modules)

G14-5-SER (with 5 modules)

Dispenser G5-1-2SER

Volumetric dispensing of droplets or bead

1K Resin, 2K Epoxy 1 K resin, 2K epoxy

Type of fluid: adhesive, grease, silicon gel, silicon,

Positive displacement dispenser / volumetric dispenser

Volume of fluid to be dispensed: from 0.18 mm3 up to 502 mm3

One shot or continuous dispensing mode

One droplet or multiple droplets – bead

Cycle time: about 2.5 second

Servo motors (2) driven

Low feeding pressure: from 1 to 5 bar

Fluid feeding from cartridge, reservoir or degassing device

Compact size – weight G5 ~ 2.5 kg. Can be handled by a robot

Medical compatible