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COLLAGE CLR 1015-000

Unit, type CRL, for gluing ba-lance wheel with cock

■ Adjustable balance height
■ Supports of balance-wheel retractable and adjustable in height
■ Heating element mounted on slide, with spring shock absorber
■ Linear movement of the heating element
■ interchangeable workplate
■ Binocular mounted on toothed rack
■ Lighting by driver with fiberoptic

■ Fast caliber changing
■ No need for adjustment
■ Progressive adjustment of the tempera-ture of heating
■ Progressive adjustment of luminous in-tensity
■ Increase in quality and production
Dimensions: 170x240x300mm Control Unit for the tool: 200x250x120mm Weight for the tool: 5.4Kg Weight for control box for the light: 3.5Kg