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Assembly device for dial screws

Montage vis cadran 1376-000

■ Tubular magazine for 50 pieces.
■ Ideal positioning of screw holes.
■ Convenient screwing by hand or with electric screwdriver.
■ Protection of plate provided.


Apparatus for fitting dials, Type F-5

Posage cadrans F5 11914-000

Suitable for fitting dials by means of dial fasteners which are pre-positioned and orientated on the plate.
■ Device with 5 positions
■ Fixing of the movements by positioned holders
■ Fixing of the dials by holding disks
■ Boring of the movement-holders corresponding to the positions of the dial fasteners
■ Rotation of the movements by 180°

Operating procedure
■ Placing in of the movements
■ Placing in of the dials
■ Fixing of dials by means of disks which are built into the mobile upper device
■ Rotation of the unit by 180° by means of the lateral knobs
■ Rotation of the dial fasteners by manual screwdriver
Changing of calibre
Easy adaptation to different sizes by changing the plates with incorporated movement-holders and dial holding disks.